If science were a meme..

..then maybe it would be better understood. 

Have you ever seen those facebook posts of a kid holding a sign asking you to share their picture? The whole point being to prove to the child how rapidly something they post can be spread throughout society? 

They get me thinking about just how effective social media can be in sharing a thought, whether in the form of a video, picture, or even just a meme. 

Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever read a post about something (anything) and thought, “wow that’s crazy” without ever actually checking to see if what you read was true. 🙋

We’ve all done it. But many of us don’t actively think about who is guaranteeing that what we read as fact is evidence-based? 

How many of us understand what each of the major memes mean? The Kermit sipping tea, sad Michael Jordan? From old school grumpy cat through the more modern salt sprinkling chef, we all seem to know which meme to use for which occasion. But how many of us fully understand evolution or global climate change? 

I’d like to see science become viral. Motion for fact-based memes about the word around us. 

(evidence-based fact courtesy of the epa at epa.gov, Pruitt be damned)

We need it now more than ever, at least in the States. 

I urge you all to create your own evidence-based scientific memes and tweet them out with the hashtag #makescienceviral so I can see them!